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  • Rise of the Empire era


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Uffel droid community

R4-S2 was a smaller-than-normal red and gold R4-Series Agromech Droid.

Background Edit

R4-S2 belonged to Twi'leki scouts who set out to explore the moon of Uffel, as part of their vessel's droid pool. Its responsibility was as a Repair Droid which made minor repairs and kept the electronics system functioning properly. It had an extendible "neck" by which it could raise its head-cone to see into higher levels of the ship.

When the scouts' ship crashed in 90 BBY, R4-S2 was one of three droids which managed to survive and repair itself, along with fellow astromech R4-J9 and the administrative droid QS-2D. The droid went on to work for QS-2D, surveying mineral deposits of the moon and helping to set up mining operations.

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