MSE-4 Droid


General Labor Droid


Rise of the Empire era


Rebaxan Rebaxan Columni


Confederacy of Independent Systems

The MSE-4 droid was a General Labor Droid produced by Rebaxan Columni prior to the Clone Wars.

The MSE-4 looked almost identical to the later model MSE-6 droid, only much smaller. These tiny droids were produced as part of a test run that, along with the MSE-5 droid, led to the creation and success of the company's MSE-6. A number of MSE-4s were employed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Mustafar, working in a Techno Union facility.

They were easily frightened, and Darth Vader easily scared a group of them while walking down a hallway of the base before he killed the Separatist leaders.

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