GG-Series Hospitality Droid
GG-series hospitality droid




Protocol Droid


Old Republic era


Adascorplogo Adascorp


The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania

GG-series hospitality droids were Protocol Droids, designed by Adascorp to act as receptionists, hosts, and greeters. Their introduction marked a new level of Human-cyborg relations that the traditional protocol droid of that era could not live up to.


This model protocol droid was designed to perform the functions of Manager, Barkers, the doorman, waiter, guide, doorman and other similar professions. Unlike most models of the Protocol droid, the series focus in the programming of the GG was not dry with direct interaction with human beings. Also, like most Protocol droids, the GG-series can act as an interpreter, although in this role substantially inferior to the droid specialized models, Protocol droid, for example, a series of GE3 (GE3-series protocol droid).

This model sometimes would be purchased by large companies and corporations. However, the clients of these companies disliked the droid, because the machine could not replace a living person and was perceived as a barrier between company management and customers. Companies also used these droids in the role of clerks, signalers and other similar activities.

Much more positive perceived droid series of GG in the role of housewives, administrator, and he touted. For example, the droids always welcomed visitors and politely accompanied them wherever they wish, without causing uproar.

Scandal Edit

Shortly after the launch of the droid into mass production, a major scandal erupted. It turned out that Adascorp introduced an artificial intelligence in their droids' special protocols that spied on their owners and then "leaked" information "where necessary". Knowledge of corporate (and technological) secrets opened great opportunities for leadership at Adascorp. For this reason, some large corporations quickly got rid of all purchased the droid series of GG.