3PO programming

C-3PO being programmed as a male.

Droid Gender Programming was the use of programming to replicate genders such as male or female in Droids. Droids, especially those with complex personalities and those which worked in close partnerships with organic beings, such as Protocol Droids and Astromech Droids, were often programmed to have stereotypically male or female personalities. Thus, even mechanical beings were usually designated he or she.

Masculine Programming Edit

Droids such as R2-D2 and C-3PO were programmed as Masculine, usually resulting in more manlike bodies, which are bulkier and likely heavier then feminine droids. Masculine Droids tended to be larger, with broader shoulders and deeper voices. Masculine Droids were expected to perform better with manual labor than females.

Feminine Programming Edit

Droids such as BO-N1 or GG-36 were programmed as Feminine, and were lighter and sometimes smaller than Masculine Programmed Droids. Also, they resulted in stereotypical feminine type colors, such as pink or purple.