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"I was just wondering how I might serve you better, master."

C2-N2 was a droid all Republic characters receive upon obtaining their starship in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He was an auxiliary companion primarily used for crafting purposes, though he can be used in the field as a weak healer. While being used in the field, he will use his fists to fight in battle. He is found on the player's ship at all times other-wise and will say various phrases as you pass him aboard.

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The C2-N2 ship droid represents the latest advances in both starship maintenance and personal service. Drawing from a vast library of technical readouts, blueprints, and manuals, C2-N2 can keep your starship in top-shape. C2-N2 is also programmed with advanced etiquette protocols which allow him to tend to each member of a ship’s crew on an individual basis. This includes being able to prepare specialized meals to cater to a crewmember’s particular tastes or dietary needs.

Some C2 models, including C2-N2, have been programmed with basic first aid and self-defense protocols. However, the effectiveness of these services has proven to be less-than-desired in field testing. Owners of a C2-series ship droid are advised against bringing their droid with them when visiting potentially dangerous areas.

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