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Legacy era


Tor-Ro-Bo Industries

5T4 was a small, orange, wheeled droid that served the mining company Tor-Ro-Bo Industries. 5T4 was stationed at Tor-Ro-Bo Processing Center 879 on the planet 244Core and at some point, 5T4 welcomed a group of spacers that had been ordered to the facility to smuggle some cargo for Tor-Ro-Bo, in breach of a profit-sharing agreement. However, Tor-Ro-Bo's rival corporations learned of Tor-Ro-Bo's planned violation of the contract and launched security forces to attack the processing center. To cover up the spacers' presence in the facility, Tor-Ro-Bo activated the procedure protocol 514, which caused the memories of 5T4 and the other droids in the facility to be wiped. 5T4 immediately forgot about the spacers and did not help them any longer.

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