Security Droid


Masculine Programming Male-sign


Alive Green Check


Old Republic era


Mantellian Separatist Movement

"Master, I detect the presence of several non-functioning humans. Specifically, the bodies over there. Setting alert to red."

4-SEN was a droid who served Gorry and the Mantellian Separatist Movement on Ord Mantell during the Cold War. He was stationed in the Separatist's Database warehouse at Mannett Point when the smuggler known as Ace broke in and killed an number of soldiers there.

Background Edit

4-SEN was a bipedal droid with Masculine Programming who was active during the Cold War and lived on the Republic held planet of Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel system of the Mid Rim. He belonged to a Human named Gorry who was a member of the Mantellian Separatist Movement, a group who opposed the planet's corrupt central government on their support of the Galactic Republic and wished to be independent. While 4-SEN worked for them they were engaged in a civil war with the government and the Republic Army.

4-SEN and Gorry were stationed for part of the war on the Separatist held island of Mannett Point. There they were amongst the soldiers who guarded the Separatist's personnel database which was kept in a captured warehouse on the island. During the time they were there the smuggler known as Ace broke into the warehouse with help from a inhabitant of Mannett point named Reki. The Smuggler intended to download all the data from the database and use it to locate a Separatist named Skavak who had stolen his ship and a shipment of weapons from Rendia Freight. The Smuggler successfully reached the database after killing a number of the guards in the warehouse.

As the Smuggler was downloading the data 4-SEN's sensor's detected the bodies of the guards he killed and so put the warehouse's alert status on red while informing Gorry. The droid could not however detect any hostiles not realizing that Ace was an intruder. The smuggler asked Gorry when he had last calibrated 4-SEN's sensors and persuaded him they were most likely faulty and so there was no need for an alarm. Gorry agreed and he and 4-SEN moved on allowing the Smuggler to successfully complete his task and escape.

4-SEN is a non-player character from the massively multi-player online role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic released by Bioware in 2011. He is a character involved in the smuggler classes storyline quest appearing in one mission. It is possible for the Smuggler to simply attack and kill Gorry and 4-SEN as a dark side option instead of persuading them to move on. It is not possible for players of any other faction to interact with or see Reki unless they are in a party with a smuggler completing the mission.

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