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"I was just wondering how I might serve you better, master."

2V-R8 was a droid all Imperial characters receive upon obtaining their starship in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Description Edit

2V-R8 appears as the standard droid chassis for the Empire. The droid speaks with a male's voice and is referred to as a male. He is upgradable, his slots in the character screen are analogous to the humanoid ones.

2V-R8, although he says he doesn't have any combat skills, can be called to your side like any other companion character. 2V-R8 when acting as your companion is a healer and has healing related talents. However, when not healing actively, he tries to run and attack your targets. This occurrence doesn't bode well when it's a powerful target that has AOE abilities. He also can be geared like any other droid to increase his stats. His primary stat is Aim.

Also, from experience, 2V-R8 doesn't receive any affection gains from companion gifts nor does he have any affection gains or decays from decisions made. 2V-R8 also doesn't have any special affinities to any crew skills like some other companions possess. Although after the release of game update 1.2, 2V-R8 and C2-N2 could receive affection.

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