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10-4TO, or Bug Eyes was a TO-series Protocol Droid during the Rise of the Empire era.

Background Edit

This droid was the subject of an intense search, during the early months of the New Order. It was believed that 10-4TO was carrying information that was vital to the growing resistance against the Galactic Empire, but suffered a glitch in its operational parameters and became lost on Coruscant. Jedi Master Even Piell, who managed to survive Order 66, set out to recover the droid before it fell into the hands of the Empire. However, Master Piell was killed by Imperial stormtroopers, but he was able to pass on his quest before he died. Nick Rostu carried Master Piell's message to Jax Pavan, who had been trained by Piell, and Jax set out to complete his Master's mission.

Known as Bug-Eyes because of its distincive photoreceptors, 10-4TO was discovered to be part of a complex plot. When the droid was located by Kaird, Prince Xizor, and Jax Pavan, they were all scouring the undercity of Coruscant for various reasons. It was Xizor who managed to use the codephrase "Zu woohama" to gain control of the droid, and he fled into the undercity with Kaird. Xizor then ordered the droid to download its data into the computer systems of one of Xizor's facilities in the Factory District. 10-4TO was unsure what it should do, since it had been programmed to deliver the data to the headquarters of the Whiplash rebel organization. However, Xizor used the command phrase once again, and 10-4TO was compelled to obey. Once the data was downloaded, Xizor ordered 10-4TO to self-destruct.

However, the group was apprehended by Nick Rostu, who was working with Jax Pavan and Laranth Tarak to locate the droid. Xizor then ordered 10-4TO to fire on anyone it encountered, while Xizor and Kaird made their own escape. Although Nick managed to briefly take control of 10-4TO's actions, Xizor dispatched of him and regained control of the droid. Xizor then ordered the droid to attack Jax Pavan, which it did without hesitation. However, Pavan managed to get inside 10-4TO's defenses and plunged a dagger into its wiring systems. 10-4TO stumbled backward, then fell of a ledge and dropped several stories before smashing into the ground below. I-5YQ tried to recover the droid's broken body, but 10-4TO was attacked by feral droids that dismembered the droid and stole its CPU and its memory core.

After Jax escaped with Laranth Tarak, Den Dhur, I-5YQ, Nick Rostu, Kaird, and Haninum Tyk Rhinann, it was Rhinann who revealed that there was never any real information stored inside 10-4TO's memory core. The story behind the droid was part of an elaborate plot developed by Darth Vader to capture surviving Jedi Knights, specifically Jax Pavan.

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